Healthy Children are Happy Children

Food & Nutrition

Healthy children are happy children! Wellness develops naturally when careful attention is given to nutrition, fitness and other healthy habits.


Good nutrition is encouraged through regular exposure to healthy foods in recommended portions. Teachers eat with the children, family style, while modeling and discussing good eating habits, and having back-and-forth conversations. Children are developing fine motor skills, speech and language skills, cognitive skills and independence during each meal.

  • Children receive breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack daily
  • Baby food is made on site from fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Teachers are trained in CPR and First Aid
  • Nursery Teachers are trained in breastfeeding friendly procedures and practices
  • Care-A-Lot has a contract with the CACFP (Child and Adult Food Care Program) which encourages the serving of healthy foods in childcare based on USDA recommendations

Strong Bodies

Fitness is fundamentally built into daily curriculum and programming. Children play outside daily, movement activities are a part of circle time, and technology is not allowed with the exception of a learning experience. Children are involved in cooking experiences, fitness challenges, and the science of nutrition. Our playgrounds are large, fenced and used year round.

  • Children play outside daily, even (and especially) in the winter!
  • Gross motor activities are part of daily curriculum and sensory/movement breaks
  • Music Rocks! Is included as part of tuition and encourages whole body movement and coordination

Healthy Habits

Children brush their teeth each day after lunch. We feel that this is an important part of daily wellness and general hygiene. We have toothbrushes and holders specially designed for each age group and kids toothpaste. The teachers assist and monitor to ensure that a clean smile is the result!