Nurturing & Caring Environments

Toddler teachers specialize in building positive self-esteem, encouraging language development, introducing social skills and independent toileting. The best style of education for this group is through teacher guided play.

We use the ‘Creative Curriculum’ as outlined by Teaching Strategies, Inc. Toddlers are explorers and our teachers have developed a creative environment and program worthy of their daily adventures. Each day a curriculum of songs, finger plays, stories, creative art and gross motor activities is incorporated to round out your child’s experience. Discipline is handled exclusively through intervention and redirection.

When your child becomes verbal and displays readiness signs, we will begin “potty training”. Group potty training obtains results through encouragement, repetitiveness and positive rewards for ANY effort. Successful potty training is a collaboration between you, your child and your child’s teacher – together we can make this a smooth transition.

The Toddler schedule is very similar to that of preschool with an active curriculum morning and afternoon, lunch at approximately 11:45 and naptime from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Due to the nature of Toddlers, however, our activities are shorter, more physical, and very flexible, and interspersed with more toileting time.

The ‘Creative Curriculum For Infants, Toddlers & Twos’ Individual Child Profile instruments are completed in the Autumn and Spring for each child age 0 – 3 years. The purpose of these assessments is to determine each child’s developmental strengths and weaknesses and assist the teachers in curriculum planning. Teacher will also compile and maintain an educational portfolio on each child, consisting of examples of daily work, photos, and anecdotal observations. You will be given an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress at a parent-teacher conference following each assessment period.


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