Nurturing & Caring Environments

Our Nursery team is specifically trained to recognize and encourage the developmental stages of the first two years of life. Emphasis is placed on bonding relationships, nurturing, overall safety and physical well-being, language and individual growth.

Curriculum is the daily activity, both planned and unplanned, which happens within a group. The curriculum in the nursery is woven around the daily needs of very young children – maintaining their health, nutrition and comfort throughout the day. For instance, diapering time is also a time for lots of repetitive speech, sound games and giggling. Bottle time might include chanting, singing or just lots of cuddly eye contact. In between, it is important that the babies spend lots of time on their bellies and backs exercising all those new muscles. Our goal is to create a special bond between parents, their children, and our exemplary staff. This will ease transitions into and out of the classroom during drop off and pick up times, and encourage a trusting relationship with the caregiver.

The infant’s personal daily schedule will be maintained, just as you would at home. We encourage breastfeeding for the health and nutrition benefits to your baby. If you are not breastfeeding, we supply Infant Formula fortified with iron. As your child grows we will work together with you and your doctor to introduce new foods and, gradually, develop the skills for table food.

Sanitizing procedures, involving toys, equipment, and furniture are a conscientious and continuous practice. We go outside every day, weather permitting as recommended by NYSOCFS and the National Association for the Education of Young Children. This is also when we begin brushing teeth every day. Toothbrushes specifically designed for the needs of infants are available.

Communication is extremely important and is vigorously maintained between teachers and families. Each day you will receive a report outlining your child’s routine of naps, bottles and meals as well as caregivers’ comments. It is also important to plan plenty of time to drop off and pick up for exchange of information.

By the time your baby reaches Nursery 2, he or she will probably be walking, or at least cruising around the furniture in the room. Insuring a safe environment in which to practice these new skills becomes the primary curriculum. These children are learning to push, pull, carry, climb and throw – all while maintaining their balance!

While exploring the many new materials in the room, the children are also acquiring the new words that go along with it. Language! The most important curriculum in any room – and this is where they acquire most of the words they will ever learn.

The ‘Creative Curriculum For Infants, Toddlers & Twos’ Individual Child Profile instruments are completed in the Autumn and Spring for each child age 0 – 3 years. The purpose of these assessments is to determine each child’s developmental strengths and weaknesses and assist the teachers in curriculum planning. Teacher will also compile and maintain an educational portfolio on each child, consisting of examples of daily work, photos, and anecdotal observations. You will be given an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress at a parent-teacher conference following each assessment period.


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