Continuity of Care


It is important to your child’s well-being to develop a special bond with his or her primary caregivers – not just parents but childcare teachers as well. It is also important for parents and childcare teachers to foster an effective alliance. A child can only learn effectively from someone they trust, someone they have a bond with.


(6 weeks – 12 months)
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(12 – 24 months)
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(2 years old)
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(3 – 4 years old)
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School Age

(kindergarten-bound +)
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Inclusive Classrooms

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Music Rocks!

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Universal Pre-K

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Camp C.A.L.

Each of our five Care-A-Lot locations has a fun-filled educational experience for ages 5-12 over the summer months.

Our summer camp program follows a new and exciting theme each week.

Every day is filled with activities that will make your child forget they are learning!