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Inclusive Classrooms

Care-A-Lot collaborates with Bloom Creative Arts Preschool Program to provide Special Education Services, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Music therapy, with Wellness and Sensory Support Programs for our students. We welcome neurodiverse children and strive to provide the best we can offer for your family as you transition into the school system. Our Special Class Integrated Setting (10: 1+1) preschool classrooms are housed in our Derby, Kenton, and Grand Island locations, with a Special Class (8: 1+1) at our Grand Island location.

Students’ programming allows for a full day class in an integrated setting based on their individualized needs. Students will experience group Speech, OT, PT, and Music Therapy once a week. These therapies are also available for individual treatment based on their IEP. Our weekly enrichment groups include art, yoga, and drama experiences that support sensory regulation, with the goal of building students’ “tool box” to transition back into full inclusion activities.

*Acceptance into these programs requires School District Referral


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