Camp C.A.L.

Welcome To Camp C.A.L. where every day is a new ADVENTURE!

Each of our five Care-A-Lot locations has a fun-filled educational experience for ages 5-12 over the summer months.

Our summer camp program follows a new and exciting theme each week. Each program includes daily breakfast, lunch, and snack. We also include yoga, water play, and reading time into the daily routine. Don’t worry about those summer reading logs, we have you covered! Our summer camp has reading time built into the schedule with a reading log complete and signed by our instructors. We here at Care-A-Lot value your child’s educational experiences; along with the power of play we keep education as our focus with each activity we plan. Every day is filled with activities that will make your child forget they are learning!

Week 1: Welcome to Camp C.A.L.

Get to know your new camp friends through communication and collaboration. During this week campers will get to know each other and their teacher with fun games. They will learn what being a team is all about and create their own class contract. Campers will learn to embrace their own voice and express themselves to one another. During this week camper will gain a sense of community and respect for one another.

Week 2: Blast into Summer!

To Infinity and Beyond! This week we are learning all about outer space. We have so many fun activities planned, like astronaut training, making rockets that fly, and creating our own constellations using the sun!

Week 3: Party in the U.S.A.

This week is all about being patriotic! We will crack the code to find the national treasures, invent paint bombs that explode into art, and create our own corn hole game!

Week 4: Superheroes vs. Villains

Are you a superhero or a super villain? You can decide while creating your own alter ego and protect the city from crime! During this week campers will test materials to create the strongest shield, complete a comic about their alter ego, and learn about the power of electricity! Campers will also discover the power of the ONOMANOPEIA in the world of superheroes!

Week 5: Animal Planet

Let’s take a look at the world around us, every day we see animals in the trees, in the river, and rustling in the bushes at night. This week we will learn about the animals that live in our own backyard. We will investigate nature, create habitats, and make safe treats for our forest friends!

Week 6: S.T.E.M. Week

“Creativity is the secret sauce to science, technology, engineering, and math”- Ainissa Ramirez This week is all about using our brains to create! We will have a robot building contest, use our math to outsmart our own escape room, and learn about unexpected inventors that helps us every day!

Week 7: Food Frenzy

We will get hands on to learn about the food we eat and how it helps our bodies. We will cook fun foods and create new recipes of our very own! Look out for the Camp C.A.L. Cookbook!

Week 8: Bugging Out!

Let’s explore those creepy crawlers! This week we will be shrinking down and discover new facts about bugs. Campers will go on nature explorations to catch and examine different insects. They will be scientist who discover and create new bugs we have never seen before!

Week 9: Secret Agent

Investigations, secret handshakes, and cracking codes! Campers will use their investigative skills to solve mysteries! They will make disappearing ink, identify fingerprints, and invent their own code to send important messages.

Week 10: Camp Rocks!

This week is all about the music! Campers will sing and play along to some of their favorite songs. They will also work together to create a new song they will perform in a Camp C.A.L. Concert!

Week 11: Summer Olympics

Who will take home the gold! This week campers will create and compete in their own Camp C.A.L. Olympic Games! This will give each camper the opportunity to show case their individual skills with fun games. Everyone has something special inside of them and we can’t wait to see it shine!

Week 12: Farewell Summer

Let’s celebrate the end of a fantastic summer! This week will be filled with fun games and farewell activities. We will reflect on our summer together; the memories and friends we made!

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