It is important to your child’s well-being to develop a special bond with his or her primary caregivers – not just Mom and Dad but childcare teachers as well. It is also important for parents and childcare teachers to foster an effective alliance. A child can only learn effectively from someone they trust, someone they have a bond with. Important learning time is lost while a child is transitioning to a new caregiver. We encourage bonding relationships by keeping our groups small and our teachers with the same children for at least the first three years. All of this enhances your child’s development by eliminating periods of transition.

Each year, usually in June, your child and his or her class will move to the next classroom. We expect the same teacher to remain with a class from birth to preschool, and some may continue on through preschool to kindergarten. Our center is divided into six classes, each specifically designed to support the needs of a specific age group, as follows:

Nursery 1 - Less than One on December 1 

Nursery 2 - One year old by December 1 

Toddlers - Two years old by December 1 

Preschool 1 - Three years old by December 1 

Preschool 2 - Four years old by December 1 

School Age - Five years old by December 1 (and entering elementary school)